Pablo van der Lugt and Rick Kamphorst strengthen Lister’s knowledge team

31 maart 2021

As of April 1, the ‘Sustainability & Circularity’ knowledge team of Lister Buildings will be expanded with Pablo van der Lugt and Rick Kamphorst. Both are drivers of the advancement in use of biobased materials within the circular economy. With Rick and Pablo joining the team, Lister Buildings further shapes its ambitions to accelerate the housing construction industry.

About Pablo van der Lugt

Pablo van der Lugt obtained his PhD from TU Delft on the environmental impact of building materials. He is an expert on the biobased, circular construction economy. He regularly gives keynote lectures, and has written internationally acclaimed articles and books, including ‘Tomorrow’s Timber’ and ‘Booming Bamboo’. As a senior lecturer at TU Delft (Environmental Technology & Design) and the AMS Institute, he will keep his connection to the scientific world.

Pablo van der Lugt, leading expert Sustainability & Circularity:

“Lister Buildings is an impact-driven, innovative real estate organization that wants to make a difference in the housing market. I am looking forward to contribute to Lister’s ambitious sustainability goals and expect to be able to add a lot of value to the product and network of the organization with my knowledge and contacts. All with the aim of accelerating the transition to a circular economy and making our environment more sustainable.”

About Rick Kamphorst

Rick Kamphorst has worked as a project leader for Construction & Circular Economy at FSC Netherlands. Before that, Rick worked in commercial positions in the timber sector. His education was also mainly focused on the application of wood as a biobased material in circular construction practices.

Rick Kamphorst, Sustainability & Circularity manager:

“In recent years, I have been involved in the advancement of biobased building materials. Within Lister Buildings, I can now make a practical contribution to this myself. The potential of using timber in Dutch construction is huge; we can reduce up to 40% in CO₂ in projects. This is of course of great value for achieving the climate objectives and ambitions with regard to the circular economy.”

Stefan van den Brink, CEO of Lister Buildings:

“We are very pleased with these appointments. Both new colleagues fulfill an important role as pioneers in sustainability. They both have a large amount of knowledge regarding bio-based materials, circularity and health; topics that are central to our business operations and objectives. They will be of great value to solidify building Lister Buildings’ position as a technology-driven, real estate lifecycle company.”

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