Lister Buildings wins 2020 Contect Futureproof Award

21 januari 2021

Lister Buildings has won the 2020 Futureproof Award for the fastest-growing or most impactful start-up, scale-up or technology-driven company in real estate and construction.

“We’re so grateful that so many people voted for us,” says CEO Stefan van den Brink. “This prize confirms that we’re on the right track and gives us great confidence for the future. Something needs to be done in the Netherlands to build more smart homes in an efficient, circular way. That will only be possible if the construction industry gets more innovative, more systematic, and a lot more sustainable. And that’s something we’re fully committed to.”

Lister Buildings constructs circular residential properties by designing, developing, building and managing projects on a single digital platform. As an Asset Lifecycle Manager, Lister stays involved through every stage of the life span of the buildings it develops. Lister is part of COFFR, a successor to Kadans Vastgoed.