Lister Buildings joins EU funded FSC consortium

23 juli 2021

Lister has joined an international, multidisciplinary FSC consortium to boost the use of timber construction methods in social housing projects in the Netherlands and Denmark. The project is funded by a European grant (EU LIFE). 

Multidisciplinary team

The aim is that by 2026 in the Netherlands 15% of social housing will be constructed with timber. The project is led by a consortium of FSC Netherlands, FSC Denmark, Lister Buildings, TBI Woonlab, Centrum Hout, TU Delft, Via University and a group of nine housing associations. Precious Forest Foundation provides extra financial support for the project.

Diverse activities

The project encompasses a variety of activities over the next five years. The activities range from promoting wood as a building material to increasing knowledge about timber construction for housing corporations and providing architectural training courses.